Whats the Difference?

Our listeners are purposefully tuning into the station, while terrestrial radio users are just clicking through channels

IP Radio Chart

IP Radio (Internet Protocol)

  • Relies on the internet and data usage.
  • Can be listened to on smartphones/devices via the internet.
  • Can be hosted and available to everyone.
  • Geographically not restricted because it relies on the internet.
  • Better sound quality and little to no static.
  • The broadcast is streamed online and anyone with an internet connection can tune in.

Terrestrial Radio

  • No data is required. Relies on radio waves transmitted from a single broadcast station.
  • Anyone with a radio receiver can listen to it.
  • Cannot be listened to on phones without a radio receiver.
  • Usually broadcasted by licensed stations.
  • Geographically restricted by the transmitter’s range.
  • Sound quality varies on your distance and from the transmitter.