Weekdays On Oldies XL

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What constitutes a great & lively morning show? First, need to have great live talent, no pre-recorded shows, no voice tracking. Second, has to be great music that listeners love. Third, has to be relevant to the listening area and not something that can be simulcast all over the country. Fourth, has to make listeners want to come back day after day! AT OLDIES XL WE ARE BUILDING A GREAT NEW MORNING SHOW COMING SOON.
Big Jay Sorensen
Big Jay Sorensen, the true Original Record Pig, formerly of 101.1 WCBS-FM in New York, 66 WNBC-AM in New York, and WKXW (NJ 101.5), is now on Oldies XL! playing Your Music! The Best Music!

Join Big Jay from 10am to 2pm as he brings his great radio personality to your middays.
Mark Shepperd
Mark Shepperd can now be heard on Oldies XL! Mark's 40+ years in radio (most recently the Philadelphia Market) has given him the skills to weave a fun approach to playing the music you still love along with mixing in some positive fun information that you can use in life!

You're always welcome to spend some time with Mark - Weekday afternoons from 2-6pm on the home of Your Music! The Best Music, Oldies XL!
Want your show on the air?
This is an opportunity like no other for novices in the radio broadcasting field or recent college graduates. Get experience in the Oldies XL Studio at Epic Radio IP in northern Philadelphia. Pick your time between 2am and 6am Tuesday-Friday - we will train you how to use the equipment and develop successful skills to make it in radio.

For more information and rates contact Carly Conner at: carly@epicradioip.com.
Michael Knight 6pm-10pm Mon-Thurs
Spend early evenings with Michael Knight, 6 to 10pm Monday-Thursdays. The PAST is yet to come on The Fabulous Hit Machine. It operates so smoothly with 1.21 gigowatts of power as it plays Your Music! The Best Music! all from the 60's, 70's, & 80's. Each night at 8pm tune in for an extra large "77" minutes of nonstop music sweep. Michael also brings a stack of really cool classic commercials that pop-up during his show. Tune In.
10pm to 2am Mon-Thurs
Work late at night? Can't get enough of Oldies XL? Bryan is here at 10pm to play Your Music The Best Music.

Bryan brings 15+ years of radio talent to Oldies XL, most recently he spent time at WCHK in Milton, DE doing the morning show. Bryan has a very vibrant personality and loves to engage with his listeners.

Without question, Bryan's talent will keep you entertained while the moon is out during those late night/early AM hours.