The 12 Noon
Salute To The Flag

The daily flag salute on Oldies XL happens at 12:00 Noon. With opening narration by Mark Driscoll (1950-2022), the daily national anthem to salute the flag has historically had a place in radio and television broadcasting.

Licensed television stations would routinely broadcast the national anthem every day at sign-on and sign-off. This tradition ended with the advent of round-the-clock television programming hence not needing a sign-on or a sign-off.

At Oldies XL, this daily salute is a short two minute pause from the music to honor the stars and stripes and its significance. The American flag stands for freedom, peace, and a chance at prosperity for all that salute her.

Join Oldies XL each day at 12 Noon to salute the Red, White & Blue.