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    Oldies XL Listening Area

    Oldies XL Listening Area

    • is a brand of Epic Radio IP Inc.Epic Radio IP Inc. 1600 North Bethlehem Pike, Ambler PA 19002 215-857-9021Email:

    • Listener Studio LIne

      1-888-OLDIESXLThat is 1-888-653-4379. This line is open 24/7 - call or text direct to the radio studio in Philadelphia.

    • Contact Your Favorite On Air Talent

      Big Jay Sorensen - bigjay@oldiesXL.comMark Shepperd - mark@oldiesXL.comMichael Knight - Jason Lee - J.R. Russ - Doctor Dave - Leslie O'Donnell - Valerie Knight - Jay Jay- Kevin Lane- Rich Russo- Dave Madden-

    • How To Get Oldies XL Beyond Listening Area

      Oldies XL home listening area is most of New York and entire Long Island, southeastern Pennsylvania, all of New Jersey and Delaware.

      You may listen to Oldies XL ANYWHERE in the U.S.A. on with a current membership. Visit