Silver, Gold, or Platinum packages

You choose when your ad airs and the number of spot times only increases with each package!

Live Broadcast Package

Promote your event with the Oldies XL team! In addition to on air, website, and social media advertisement, our DJ’s will be broadcasting live at your event for an extra good time!

Studio Sponsorship

Oldies XL offers up to two (2) Studio Sponsorships each calendar month. You receive LIVE promotion mentions at least once per hour during the morning and afternoon drive time. Plus, during the midday period ,the Studio Sponsor will re­ceive at least one mention each hour. The Oldies XL Studio Sponsorship gives businesses premium spot positioning and maximum exposure to listeners.

Get To Know Oldies XL

A two week test drive at a super low cost! This package gives you a chance to see how your ad sounds on air, receive a commercial to keep, get regular advertisement, traffic, and some customer feedback. We let you know when your spots will air, and you can let your customers know when to tune in, so they can tell you what they think! We are also happy to provide a QR code so you can see just how many listeners are hearing your ad!

Oldies XL delivers 30 seconds of weather twice hourly during the AM and PM drive time, and once per hour during every other hour of the day at approximately :35 past the hour. Forecasts are for the Philadelphia/South Jersey area and temperature readings are current Philadelphia temps.

Digital Ads and Banners

Supplement on-air commercials with digital banners on the Oldies XL website. Digital space is available in various sizes and can be coded to track customers. Capitalize on website traffic from listeners that spend time on our website. The average browser spends 2min 41seconds glancing through the Oldies XL website

See Media Kit For Details On Each Package