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    Radio legend Big Jay Sorensen is on Oldies XL during the week. Tune in here on the station with Your Music..The Best Music every weekday from 10am to 2pm.

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    Ira Wolf and Paul Beam start your weekdays with Wake Up With The Wolf. Tune in here on the station with Your Music..The Best Music every weekday from 6 to 10am.

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    The Oldies XL Listener Call-In Line is open 24/7 and is easy to remember: 1-833-OLDIESXL, that is 1-833-653-4379. Tell us what you like most about Oldies XL.

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    At 2pm each weekday Big Jay hands control of the music over to Philadelphia radio veteran Mark Shepperd. No better word to describe Mark than "smooth" - Drive home each day with Mark from 2 to 6pm on Oldies XL.

    Mark Shepperd Weekdays

      The 60's

      The Sixties began with the doo-wop sound carrying over from the fifties and ended with a band called The Beatles having changed the music landscape in the decade.

      Berry Gordy's Motown brought Diana Ross & The Supremes onto the scene as well as The Temptations, The Four Tops and The Jackson Five. The success of the Motown sound in the Sixties has been hard to duplicate through the decades as the music still sounds great today! When you tune in Oldies XL you will hear the best songs from this decade .

      The summer of 1969 saw Woodstock take place in New York and 400,000 fans gathering for this infamous rock festival. Many bands made their debut here that led to record deals in the next decade..The Seventies!

      The 70's

      The Super Seventies changed music again as did the Sixties. The Beatles were at the end of their domination of the music charts as the members began solo careers. Carryover bands such as Crosby, Stills & Nash, Creedence, Moody Blues & Steppenwolf made way for Fleetwood Mac, Kiss, and Eagles.

      Let us never forget what began as a movement in the Philadelphia R&B scene & New York's private dance parties and by 1978 peaked in the US. Of course, this is "disco" - Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer, & The Bee Gees still sound great today and the hits that made them iconic are played on Oldies XL.

      Disco was, shall we say, "dead" by 1980 - the late 70's saw this music fade away quickly to make way for the Awesome Eighties!

      The 80's

      The eighties began with Blondie singing "Call Me" and Lipps Inc. taking us to "Funkytown" trying to keep disco alive, but acts like REO Speedwagon, The Police, Journey, & Joan Jett went into the recording studios and produced old-fashioned "Rock 'n Roll" that sealed disco's fate.

      Many perceive the early 80's as a bad time for music without a real identity and consistent theme. By 1983 and through the mid Eighties however there was a Top 40 movement that hadn't been seen in years. Songs would not stay at #1 any longer for 8 or more weeks because there was always a better song to take over the top!

      The late Eighties saw hair bands come, and then go - saw the emergence of "Rap" and Urban R&B, heading into an era of great change in the music world.

      Oldies XL Broadcast Area

      Oldies XL serves the greater New York metropolitan area, Philadelphia/South Jersey, and the Jersey Coast and Delaware. Outside of this region, the Oldies XL stream may be restricted due to geo-fencing. The stream can be listened to on anywhere in the United States for a monthly subscription fee.

      The Music of Oldies XL

      The extra large music library at contains nearly 7,500 tracks spanning the beginning of 1960 to the end of the 1980's. This vast collection features ALL original tracks the way they were heard on 45rpm records when they were released. No remakes in this collection. This music library is truly the most extensive on IP radio today.

      Radio Studio Location

      Oldies XL is a brand of Epic Radio IP Inc. Epic's offices and studios are located 20 miles north of Philadelphia, PA in rural Montgomery County. Oldies XL operates remote studio equipment for its remote broadcast pop-up events. Tours of the radio studios are available by submitting a written request using the Contact page.

      Advertising on Oldies XL

      Listenership in traditional, terrestrial radio is steadily declining. Since the advent of services such as Spotify, Pandora, and online radio (a/k/a IP or Internet Protocol) people are no longer choosing traditional radio any longer. Advertising is up on IP radio and Oldies XL can offer tremendous value for your advertising dollar.