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    Alexa, Play Oldies XL Oldies XL is on your Amazon Alexa enabled device. It is the best way to listen to Oldies XL at home. All you have to do is get an Amazon Echo Dot and enable the Oldies XL skill. Then, every time after that simply say “Alexa. Play Oldies XL”

    Alexa, Play Oldies XL! It's SO SO Simple.

    He has the prescription for morning radio.Oldies XL welcomes Spring with a brand new morning show! The 60's, 70's & 80's will be streaming in the AM with veteran radio man Dr. Dave.

    The Doctor Is In

    Radio legend Big Jay Sorensen is on Oldies XL during the week. Tune in here on the station with Your Music..The Best Music every weekday from 10am to 2pm.

    Big Jay Is On Weekdays

    The Oldies XL Listener Call-In Line is open 24/7 and is easy to remember: 1-888-OLDIESXL, that is 1-888-653-4379. Tell us what you like most about Oldies XL.

    Call Us 1-888-OLDIESXL You can text in also!

    Oldies XL is a supporter of community & promoting charities and their activities. If you would like us to promote your charity or event please contact Daryl Ann Craven: - OR use the Contact Us Form.

    Send Us Your P.S.A. We will promote your charity.

    He has the prescription for morning radio.Oldies XL welcomes Spring with a brand new morning show! The 60's, 70's & 80's will be streaming in the AM with veteran radio man Dr. Dave.

    The Doctor Is In

    At 2pm each weekday Big Jay hands control of the music over to Philadelphia radio veteran Mark Shepperd. No better word to describe Mark than "smooth" - Drive home each day with Mark from 2 to 6pm on Oldies XL.

    Mark Shepperd Weekdays

    Philadelphia radio veteran Valerie Knight is on the air! Every Friday she is here to kick off our Oh Wow Weekend. You can tune in Friday from 6pm-10pm while she plays your music- the best music- on Oldies XL!

    Valerie Knight Is On the Air Fridays 6pm-10pm
    No decade has ever been more insprirational, aspirational, transcendant, & effervescent than the 60's. It was a time when art and commerce came together to produce truly long lasting works and great music.

    The 60's were a transcendant decade. It was the first decade to feature a manned trip to the moon, when cinema was at its most creative, and activism stood for something pure. The 60's brought with it a lot of change, both good and bad, with lasting effects that linger into today's culture.

    The 1960's saw an influx of various musical styles each with its own impact on society and music. While the 50's primarily saw rock 'n roll s the dominant music genre, the 60's saw jazz, pop, folk music gather loyal listeners as well. The popularity of these genres did not negate rock 'n roll. The genre had developed almost two different forms, navigating between hard rebellious rock such as Creedence Clearwater Revival, and soft rock, the pop music of the time.

    If the 60's were a decade of the culture influencing the music, then the 70's was a decade of the music influencing the culture. While the style and tone of the 60's as more political and drug influenced, the 70's style was more varied and reflected the carefree nature of the times. Various genres including hard rock, soft rock, disco, and punk took the scene by storm and never let go. While not every genre was popular, there was more variety to choose from and more hits to be had amongst artists.

    Hard rock began in the late 60's with groups such as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Deep Purple, and Led Zeppelin. Though true hard rock, heavy metal, as it is now called was born in the factories of Birmingham, England. Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Tommy Iommi, Geezer Butler & Bill Ward developed the blueprint for what would be heavy metal when their debut self-titled record was released in February 1970.
    During the 60's, the music was inspired by the culture. In the 70's, the culture inspired the music. In the 1980's, it worked both ways. The bands and music helped influence the fashion of the time with the help of a little-known channel called MTV. Movies influenced artists to create their best known songs and artists created their best known movies as a vehicle for their music. Production techniques created in the 60's by The Beatles were employed to make some truly amazing and unique sounding records of the time. This is the 1980's.

    Oldies XL Broadcast Region

    Oldies XL serves the greater New York metropolitan area, Philadelphia/South Jersey, and the Jersey Coast and Delaware. Outside of this region, the Oldies XL stream may be restricted due to geo-fencing. The stream can be listened to on anywhere in the United States.

    An "X" tra large music playlist

    The extra large music library at contains nearly 7,500 tracks spanning the beginning of 1960 to the end of the 1980's. This vast collection features ALL original tracks the way they were heard on 45rpm records when they were released. No remakes in this collection. This music library is truly the most extensive on IP radio today.

    Always LIVE and LOCAL

    At Epic Radio the supreme premise is that radio should serve the community. Ordinary radio has strayed from serving local communities and has shifted to generic, non-local and pre-recorded programming. Oldies XL is built to serve New York, New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania and the state of Delaware. On-Location live events, live DJ's behind the mic, local advertisers, and news & information just for the Oldies XL community.

    Advertising on Oldies XL

    Listenership in traditional, terrestrial radio is steadily declining. Since the advent of services such as Spotify, Pandora, and online radio (a/k/a IP or Internet Protocol) people are no longer choosing traditional radio any longer. Advertising is up on IP radio and Oldies XL can offer tremendous value for your advertising dollar.